Can You Use Pressure Mounted Gate Top Stairs?

Looking for the safest types of baby gates for your top stairs, you think of “Can you use Pressure Mounted Gate top stairs?” To be on the safer side, I will just say you shouldn’t use a pressure-mounted gate for your top stairs.

Can You Use Pressure Mounted Gate Top Stairs?

Though for every parent, your child’s safety is always your number one priority, so once your toddler starts to crawl… And if you live in a two-story building, strategically, you must place a baby gate at the topmost stairs and also at the bottom stairs. This makes life easier for you and your child. With this, you will be rest reassured that your child will be safe by keeping him/her away from any possible dangers around your home. Mostly from the stairs.
Though, baby safety gates aren’t just made for top or bottom stairs, as you can as well use a baby gate to keep your child in a safe place around your home separately. So, using Pressure-Mounted Gates for top or bottom stairs will not help you secure your child from those dangerous situations. A Pressure-Mounted Gate isn’t safe enough to be used for the top of stairs, therefore. You shouldn’t use them for your top or bottom stairs if at all you aren’t want to drill holes into your walls and balusters.
So, can you use Pressure Mounted Gate top stairs? According to recent studies, about 40% of all injuries associated with baby safety gates were because of tripping off from pressure-mounted gates, when your child tries to climb over their gates, most pressures mounted gates trip off and your child may get injured. Though, most pressure-mounted safety gates come with a threshold at the bottom that helps to poses tripping off danger.
The safety gates are made for children between the ages of 5-6 months old to 2-3 years of age. That’s why it’s advisable to buy a gate that your child can’t open easily and he won’t be tempted to climb over. Once a child learns how to open a gate, or can climb over, they should not rely upon it as a safety device.

What Safety Gate Is The Best For The Top Of Stairs?

You don’t want to drill holes into your walls and balusters, and you need a safety gate for your top stairs, so what safety stairs gate should you buy? Firstly, your walls aren’t that important as to your child’s life, so the best safety gate for the top of stairs remains the Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates, as they’re the most effective and secure, attaching into the walls or balusters without fear of tripping off. Your baby will be 100% safe using a Hardware-Mounted Baby Gate for your top stairs. According to many baby lists, they have recommended hardware-mounted as the best baby gates for both top and bottom stairs, due to the fact that when installed perfectly, you have zero risk of tripping over to pressure-mounted.

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Though, we are not saying pressure-mounted is not good or safe for your child, when it comes to closing an open area around your living room, pressure-mounted baby gates are highly recommended as you won’t have to drill any holes unlike the staircases where you need hardware-mounted and require drilling holes. So, if you live in a one-story building, and you want to close the opening pressure-mounted safety baby gates are the best that will suit areas that are level and flat, such as doorways.

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Is It Safe To Put A Stair Gate At The Top Of The Stairs?

Absolutely, YES! It’s 100% safe putting a stair gate at the top of the stairs, and that is if your baby’s room is on the first floor of your house. Though, many agree that you should not install a baby gate at the top of the stairs, and they came with less proof. However, sometimes, you might not need it at the top stairs, and that’s if your baby’s room is down the stair, and you won’t take them up at any cost.


Baby Gates At The Top And Bottom Of Stairs, Do You Really need it?

If you ask me, 100s of times, that “Do I need baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs?”, my answer will still be YES! YES!! and YES!!!… You really need to put a baby safety gate at the top and bottom of your stairs for maximum comfort and safety for your child.

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Children will like to climb up and down the stairs, enough when they have not been taught how to use the stairs way. Considering this, you should try to install a baby gate at the top and also at the bottom of your stairs. Your child’s safety is our responsibility, and we care for you.

How Do You Baby Proof The Bottom Of Stairs?

As it’s very important to childproof your top stairs with a safety gate, so it is very important you childproof your bottom stairs. But how? How can you baby-proof the bottom of the stairs? All you need is a pressure mounted baby gate for the bottom of the stairs.¬†However, you can just install your safety gate at your stairway bottom, choosing the best pressure-mount baby gate. Here you don’t need a hardware mount as the bottom types of gates are just amazing and easy to install, and you can easily remove them when your baby reaches their limits.