Best Baby Gates for Wide Opening – Buyer’s Guide

In most cases, when you want to enclose an opening for your child’s safety, you find out that your normal baby gates can not close that wide opening, meaning you will need an extra wide walk through the baby gate, to allow you to close such an opening or areas. For the Best Extra-Wide Baby Safety Gate, there are things you should consider, which include its wideness, installation, easy walk through most be properly checked, below we have listed so of the best extra-wide gates.

Buyer’s Guide

If I am asked thousands of times, that “what is the widest baby gate?”, my answer will the same, as “Toddleroo by North State Super Play-yard 6 Panel Baby Safety Gate”, remains the widest baby gate and the most expandable baby gates for wide openings ever. Being the best and widest baby gate, it fits opening from 38 to 201 wide enclosure and 26 tall. “The Regalo Super Wide 192-Inch Baby Gate and Play Yard” is the widest baby gate out there. Being the best and widest baby gate, for 2-in-1 that helps you convert a wide opening, super-wide gate of an 8-panel play yard, singles walk-through door.


Also, you can upgrade to the new “Regalo 192-Inches Double Door Super Wide Baby Gate and Play Yard”, also designed for the safety of your child and with a walk-through double door with a safety lock feature, which makes it different from the “Toddleroo by North State Super Play-yard 6 Panel Baby Safety Gate”, and “The Regalo Super Wide 192-Inch Baby Gate and Play Yard”. Support for wall-mounted for extra safety and stability. Also, it meets all the previous varieties and standards. Super wide baby safety gate with an 8-panel for play-yard.
For both the new and the old Regalo Super Wide 192-Inches and then the Toddleroo by North State Super Play-yard 6 Panel, they come with hardware that allows you to install by connecting to the wall wherever you want to enclose. However, for its exceptional wideness and for the steel material, it can likewise stand on its own when used as a play-yard. For the safety of your child, you need an extra-wide gate. Following the new research about baby gates injuries, it is said that the number of children treated in U.S. emergency, it around 3.9 per 100,000 children.

What Is The Best Baby Gates for Wide Openings?

baby gates for wide openings

1. Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard (official website) – Editor’s Choice

With the Toddleroo by North State extra-wide swing gate, they design this for extra-wide openings around your living room and can be used as a play yard outside in your home. For its hardware-mounted, you can easily close doorways, stairs, hallways, and other spaces for the safety of your child. As it helps, close opening from 60 to 144 wide areas, and for the stand, 30 high.
Also, if you have pets, you never need to worry about getting another safety gate, as this same extra-wide swing gate will help. It can serve as a pet gate to help you keep away your pet during your busy moment. They make the safety gate from non-harmful material. Support a single hand operating for easy opening, and very easy to install.


  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Walk-through door panel
  • Double-locking system for added security
  • 6 panels, 10 sq.ft. enclosure
  • Cons

  • The gate opens only in one direction
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    Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard – Video Review

    2. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate for Wide Openings (official website) – Great Outdoor Safety

    With the Regalo extra-wide safety baby gate, childproofing your home has been made very easy with no fear about your child getting their self harmed. The Regalo convenient baby gate helps you to secure your baby from the pitfalls of the stairs. You can easily keep your baby in their room while you enjoy your time doing other things in the house.
    Possessing an all-steel system, as the Regalo Baby Gate is made with persistence and effectiveness. With Regalo 4-in-1 extra-wide, you can adjust to help you enclose your stairway, doorway, and every other opening up to 192” wide and comes with eight, 24” panels. Support an easy passing through with the swing open and a modest rotating latch. For the installation, it only supports hardware mounts to help you keep the gate to the wall or banister. Studied to be glistening and reliable with the hinge system, which helps you to create a strong fit that allows a comfortable walk-through.


  • Multiple configurations to fit your space
  • Meets the safety ASTM standards
  • Meets JPMA certification
  • Bonus Kit includes 4 pack of wall mounts
  • Cons

  • Little plastic door pieces may get to your child
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    Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate – Video Review

    3. Regalo Easy Open Baby Gate for Wide Openings (official website) – Extremely Convenient

    The Regalo Easy, Open Extra-wide fits all your needs with the yardsticks, all-steel system, easy and quick installation with either (pressure mount or wall mount), and also adjustable to adapt openings between 29 to 38 and 42 to 47 inches wide. With 2.5-inches space between bars, and for the gate door, it is 16 inches wide.
    This is just a perfect design that fits for your doorways, hallways, and the bottom and top of stairs. An easy and quick removal out of the opening made it easy for future usage. For installation, they have included four spindle rods, and four wall cups, together with screws for better safety.
    Please NOTE: Before you install, you should allow space in between the latch and frame. This is not a deficiency, and it is not buckling. It will eliminate the gap upon install.


  • Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards
  • Includes multiple-lock features
  • Includes 4-Inch and 12-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack Pressure Mount Kit and 4 Wall Cups and Mounting Kit
  • Perfect for children 6-24 months and pets
  • Cons

  • Does not work with 40″ openings
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    Regalo Easy Open Baby Gate for Wide Openings – Video Review

    4. Toddleroo by North State Deluxe Décor Baby Gate for Wide Openings (official website) – Perfect Safe & Secure

    With just a single push, it closes firmly, and that is one of the major reasons it is among the best safety gate for your kids. The Toddleroo by North State helps you keep your child secure within the enclosed areas. With the unwieldy metal, the system was built with; it stands the standard of time.
    With the hardware-mounted, the gate is excellently fitted for extensive openings. The Deluxe Décor opens easily with just one-hand application and supports a double-locking system when locked that helps provide additional security. The hold-open feature helps you keep the gate open during multiple pass-throughs. The Deluxe Décor Safety Gate makes a barrier up to 72 wide, comes with a wider opening, and can extend up to 162 wide. Arduous to climb the barrier by your kids.


  • Innovative, superior quality product
  • Hardware mount installation
  • Hard to climb barrier
  • Made in the USA
  • Cons

  • Mounting screws can easily strip
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    Toddleroo Deluxe Décor Baby Gate for Wide Openings – Video Review

    5. Summer Metal Expansion Walk-through Baby Gate for Wide Openings (official website) – Extra Stylish

    Most times, when you try to childproof your home, you find out everywhere is messed up with the color decor. Herewith the Summer Metal Expansion, your home gets more style. The Summer Metal system of this baby gate complements fit any type of home décor and it is suitable for extra-wide openings. One of the best baby gates out there and suit for your pets as well.
    Fitted for all openings ranging from 44 to 72 wide, this extra-wide Summer Metal safety baby gate has a quiet one-handed open and walk-through door that allows parents to walk out easily from the enclosed area. Including a simple pulling safeguard on the bottom rail that helps you prevent the gate from scratching the wooden floor. Installation made easier and can be installed for stairways with the installation kit added, and as for the hardware mounting, you will some tools for easy installation.


  • Simple, one-handed walk-thru door
  • Soft scratch guard on the bottom rail
  • Made with a stylish bronze finish
  • Perfect for extra-wide doorways
  • Cons

  • Dirt collects under the gate
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    Summer Metal Expansion Baby Gate for Wide Openings – Video Review

    6. Munchkin Easy Close XL Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate (official website) – Ultimate Durability & Strength

    With the Munchkin Easy Close XL safety gate, you can now enjoy closing your stairways, doorways, and any other wide openings around your home for the safety of your child.
    They have made it from a very strong steel material. With the Munchkin safety gate, they have provided absolute persistence and vigor safety gate. It is safe for both indoor and outdoor settings, features a two-way installation (pressure or hardware mounted).


  • Pressure mounted installation
  • Double-locking system
  • Simple push-to-close feature
  • 6″ taller than standard baby gates
  • Cons

  • It looks like an indoor fence
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    Munchkin Easy Close XL Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate – Video Review

    7. Regalo Deluxe Home Accents 74-Inches Widespan Safety Gate (official website) – Ideal For Any Openings

    With the Regalo Super Wide, this has been an amazing baby gate, that helps you to enclose a very wide opening around your home. The Regalo Accents 74-inches provide you with the safest gate, which can be expanded to fit a variety of openings, and this is an extraordinary way to help provide maximum protection for your child at home, both indoor and outdoor. Made of an all-steel system, which you can tailor the Black Decor Gate in different ways to suit your needs, and fit your child’s usage. Wide enough to fit odd-shaped openings up to 74 wide.
    Installation made easier by mounting it to the wall. The Deluxe Safety Gate also features a large opening for a walk-through door, comes with a three-lock operation for additional kid’s security. Fitted all kinds of openings, such as doorways, the bottom of stairs, open spaces, hallways, and the likes, from 56 to 74.5-inches wide and 29.5 tall. With 2-in-1 features that allow you to switch safety gates into the play yard with additional extensions. Appropriate for children between 6 to 24 months, also exceptional for your pets as well!


  • 2-in-1: Can convert into play yard
  • Arched gate with premium black finish
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Meets all safety standard
  • Cons

  • Sometimes it’s hard to open the gate
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    Regalo Deluxe Home Accents 74-Inches Widespan Safety Gate – Video Review

    8. Toddleroo by North State Superyard Extra-Wide Baby Gate for Wide Openings (official website) – Excellent for Large Spaces

    The Toddleroo by North State Superyard could be the best option if you want to enclose an area or opening for the safety of your child for both indoor and outdoor fun. The super yard features a wall mount, which makes it an outstanding way-out for making a secure play area for your baby. Supporting a self-standing that allows you to close up to 18-square-feet and 26 inches high so your child does not claim over.
    However, this Toddleroo Super Yard can be hardware mounted on walls to helps you block those unsafe areas, to help keep your child in an enclosed area and they can explore their surroundings. Expandable to cover up a very wider play space, but if you want more space for your kids, you can expand the super yard by two panels.


  • Safe indoor and outdoor fun
  • Panels snap together for easy setup
  • Easy wipe-clean design
  • Two-panel extension available separately
  • Cons

  • Might to be more sturdy
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    Toddleroo Superyard Extra-Wide Baby Gate for Wide Openings – Video Review

    9. The Mid-West Extra-Wide Swing Safety Gate for Wide Openings – Great Non-Toxic

    With the Mid-West extra-wide swing, it helps secure your child and your pet from the danger of your stair. Although this gate is mainly designed for doorways and also can be used for your stair. The Extra-Wide Swing Gate keeps your child and your pets safe, with easy walk-through entry. However, the installation has been made easy with the hardware mounts you install within a minute or less with screws for extra durability.
    For the swing-through opening, support two spring-load and release latches that are attached to the wall which allow you to swing open and walk through the gate. Fitted for most openings, with the Mid-West extra-wide swing gate, its support for a custom fit in for any wide opening such as a doorway, stairway from 50 up to 94 wide, 24 tall. Installation made easy in just a few minutes you can install and uninstall just as easily as you can ever imagine. With the hardware mounts and screws, you have the rest of the mind that your gate won’t trip off anytime sooner.


  • Durable wood baluster construction
  • Non-toxic & lead-free
  • Installs in minutes
  • Swing-through opening
  • Cons

  • The spindles can separate from the frame
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    The Mid-West Extra-Wide Swing Safety Gate for Wide Openings – Video Review

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